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The study of relativistic jets in active galactic nuclei and other sources involving the accretion onto compact objects, like gamma-ray bursts and microquasars, has gained added interest thanks to the recent simultaneous multi spectral-range observations and the advances in the theoretical and numerical modeling.

During June 10-14th, 2013, the Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía-CSIC in Granada, Spain, will host a meeting aimed to discuss the recent results in the study of relativistic jets. The meeting will focus on the study of the innermost regions of AGN jets to obtain a better understanding of the jet formation mechanisms and determine the origin and location of the high energy emission, as well as the role played by the magnetic field.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Jet formation
  • Black hole, accretion disk, jet connection
  • Multi-spectral-range emission
  • Magnetic fields and polarization
  • Jet dynamics and stability
  • Unification models, microphysics, particle acceleration
  • Relativistic stellar jets

The meeting will take place at Nazaríes Hotel, at a short walking distance to the center of Granada, with a conference hall that can accommodate up to ~200 people. The weather and the city environment in Granada is typically excellent for the time period selected for the conference, which allows for beautiful walks along the old historical area of the city and the Alhambra gardens. Hence, we have organized a number of outdoor activities, including a welcome reception at Nazaríes Hotel (June 9th, evening), a visit to the centenarian Alhambra palaces and gardens (June 12th, afternoon), and the conference dinner in the gardens of the 16th century Palacio de los Cordova (June 12th, evening) just in front of the walls of the Alhambra.