The Innermost Regions of Relativistic Jets and Their Magnetic Fields. Granada (Spain). June 10th-14th, 2013.

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Review and invited talks

Agudo, Iván The "Far Distance" Scenario for Gamma-ray Emisssion in Blazars: A View from the VLBI Observing Perspective. (I)
Bosch-Ramon, Valenti Relativistic stellar jets: dynamics and non-thermal radiation. (I)
Gabuzda, Denise Multi-wavelength Polarization Studies of AGN Jets. (R)
Georganopoulos, Markos Quasar large scale jets: Fast and powerful or weak and slow, but efficient accelerators? (I)
Ghisellini, Gabriele Multi-wavelength emission models in blazars. (R)
Hada, Kazuhiro Probing the inner jet of M87; from the jet base to HST-1. (I)
Hardee, Philip The Role of Macroscopic & Microscopic Instabilities in Relativistic Jets. (R)
Kovalev, Yuri Space VLB interferometer RadioAstron: early results and future prospects of AGN studies. (I)       
Lister, Matthew Parsec-Scale Polarization and Magnetic Field Characteristics of MOJAVE AGN Jets. (I)
Markoff, Sera Jets across the black hole mass scale: new insights from X-ray binaries. (R)
Marscher, Alan Multi-waveband Behavior of Blazars. (R)
Meier, David The Role of Magnetic Fields in the Production and Propagation of Relativistic Jets. (R)
Meyer, Eileen Radio-loud AGN unification: Connecting jets and accretion. (I)
Perucho, Manel Jet dynamics and stability. (I)
Tchekhovskoy, Alexander Relativistic Jet Formation by Spinning Black Holes. (I)
Wardle, John Magnetic fields and polarization in AGN jets. (R)


Contributed talks

Alberdi, Antxon The jet of the LLAGN of M81: Evidence of Precession
Algaba Marcos, Juan Carlos A Rotation Measure Gradient on the M87 VLA Jet.
Aller, Margo Constraints on Blazar Jet Conditions During Gamma-Ray Flaring from Radiative Transfer Modeling.
Behera, Bagmeet The origin and emission mechanism of VHE (>100 GeV) emission from FSRQs.
Boettcher, Markus Leptonic and Hadronic Modeling of Fermi-Detected Blazars.
Carrasco Gonzalez, Carlos Discovery of synchrotron emission from a YSO jet.
Casadio, Carolina  A sensitive study of the peculiar jet structure HST-1 in M87.
Castro-Tirado, Alberto J.  The first  2-years in the lifetime of the newly born jet associated to Swift J1644+57. 
Chen, Xuhui Magnetic field amplification and blazar flares.
Clausen-Brown, Eric AGN jet physics and observed apparent opening angles.
Cohen, Marshall Recollimation Shock and the Fire Hose in BL Lacertae.
Contopoulos, Ioannis The force-free magnetosphere of a rotating black hole.
D'Ammando, Filippo Relativistic jets in Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 galaxies. New discoveries and open questions.
Evans, Daniel Panchromatic Observations of the Nuclei of z<0.5 3CRR Radio Galaxies: Implications for Feeding, Feedback, and Black Hole Spin.
Fernández Ontiveros, Juan Antonio The nature of the IR emission in LLAGN at parsec scales: Does the jet dominate at low luminosities?.
Ferreira, Jonathan JEDs and SADs in X-ray Binaries.
Giroletti, Marcello The radio/gamma-ray connection in Active Galactic Nuclei in the Fermi era.
Grandi, Paola Gamma-Ray variability studies of Misaligned AGN.
Haga, Takafumi The core shift measurements for two-sided jets affected by Free-Free absorption using VLBA. 
Hovatta, Talvikki  Intrinsic brightness temperatures of blazar jets at 15 GHz. 
Jermak, Helen Magnetic Field Structure in Relativistic Jets. 
Jorstad, Svetlana The Gamma-ray Activity of the high-Z Quasar 0836+710. 
Joshi, Manasvita  Constraining the location of gamma-ray emission in Blazar jets. 
Kiehlmann, Sebastian Probing the magnetic field of 3C279.
Kirk, John  Poynting flux dissipation in jets. 
Lico, Rocco Multi-frequency study of the TeV blazar Markarian 421 with VLBA observations. 
Malzac, Julien Spectra and fast multi-wavelength variability of compact jets powered by internal shocks. 
Martí, Josep
Search for new stellar sources of gamma-rays
Mastichiadis, Appostolos Time dependent photon and neutrino emission from Mkn421 in the context of the one-zone leptohadronic model. 
Matsumoto, Jin Rayleigh-Taylor and Richtmyer-Meshkov Instabilities in Relativistic Hydrodynamic Jets. 
Mertens, Florent  Longitudinal and transverse velocity fields in parsec-scale jets. 
Migliari, Simone  Doppler-shifted lines revealing baryons in the jets of the X-ray binary 4U 1630-47. 
Mizuno, Yosuke Current-Driven Kink Instability in Magnetically Dominated Rotating Relativistic Jet.
Molina, Sol N. Evidence for internal rotation in the jet of the quasar NRAO150.
Mukherjee, Reshmi Study of High Energy Emission from Relativistic Jets with VERITAS. 
Nagai, Hiroshi Probing the Radio Counterpart of Gamma-ray Flaring Region in 3C 84. 
Nakamura, Masanori The M87 Jet. 
Niinuma, Kotaro Astrometric observations of the core position changes in Mrk 421 after the large X-ray flare in 2011. 
Nishikawa, Ken-Ichi Radiation from relativistic jets from particle accelerated by shocks, shear-flows, and reconnection. 
O'Sullivan, Shane Broadband radio circular polarization observations of the quasar PKS B2126-158. 
Orienti, Monica On the connection between radio and gamma rays. Variability and polarization properties in relativistic jets. 
Pacciani, Luigi What can we learn from high energy flares in the Fermi sample of FSRQ: from a case study to dozens of objects. 
Potter, William Uncovering the physics behind the blazar sequence using a realistic model for jet emission. 
Russell, David Polarimetric Observations of the Innermost Regions of Relativistic Jets in X-ray Binaries. 
Richards, Joseph An Exceptional Radio Flare in Markarian 421. 
Richter, Stephan  Studies of Blazar emission using a spatially resolved SSC model. 
Staff, Jan 3 dimensional magneto hydrodynamic jet simulations.
Torresi, Eleonora Jet evolution in Steep Spectrum Radio Quasars. A multiwavelength study.
Vila, Gabriela High-energy signatures of binary supermassive black holes.
Vlahakis, Nektarios Kink instability in relativistic magnetized jets.
Weidinger, Matthias Hadronic Modeling of AGN Variability.
Zamaninasab, Mohammad Magnetic field in the jet of 3C 454.3.


Acosta Pulido, Jose A. Near infra-red polarimetry of a sample of Blazars.
Aller, Hugh Circular Polarization Measurements at Centimeter Wavelengths.
Araudo, Anabella Teresa Gamma-ray emisssion from massive stars interacting with AGN jets.
Balokovic, Mislav NuSTAR Observations of Blazar Mkn 421 in the 2013 Multi-wavelength Campaign.
Beaklini, Pedro Paulo B.
Radio and polarimetric R band observations of 3C279 and PKS 1510-089.
Benítez, Erika Optical Photopolarimetric Monitoring of WComae. 
Beuchert, Tobias
Polarimetric study of 3C111 with the 100-m Effelsberg Radio Telescope.
Capitanio, Fiamma  The behavior of the BHC 4U1630-472 during the 2006-2010 outbursts. 
Carnerero Martin, Maria Isabel Optical-gamma correlation in BL Lacertae 
Coronado, Yaxk'in U Kan  A hydrodynamical model for the FERMI-LAT gamma-ray light curve of Blazar PKS 1510-089. 
Coughlan, Colm  Imaging VLBI polarimetry data from Active Galactic Nuclei using the Maximum Entropy Method. 
Cúneo, Virginia  Stellar Mass Black Holes in the Galaxy. 
Del Santo, Melania The high-energy spectrum of Cygnus X-1: corona and jet contributions. 
Doi, Akihiro ALMA continuum spectrum of the M87 nucleus.
Donnarumma, Immacolata A new insight into the innermost jet regions: probing extreme jet variability with LOFT.
Errando, Manel Observations of low- and intermediate-frequency-peaked BL Lacs above 100 GeV with VERITAS. 
Fossati, Giovanni What is truly the relationship between jet, accretion disk and BLR intensity changes in FSRQs?
Giovannini, Gabriele Exploring the parsec scale properties of BL Lac sources. 
Hagen-Thorn, Vladimir Optical variability of  the blazar 3C 454.3 during 2007-2010.
Hough, David A Three-decade X-band VLBI Study of 3CR Lobe-dominated Quasar Nuclei. 
Jermak, Helen Exploring the magnetic fields of blazar jets using the optical imaging polarimeter RINGO3 on the Liverpool Telescope. 
Kaufmann, Sarah Broadband variability of TeV BL Lac objects. 
Kino, Motoki Energy densities of magnetic field and relativistic electrons at the innermost region the M87 jet. 
Kravchenko, Evgeniya Parsec scale Faraday rotation measures in 20 AGN jets. 
Kreikenbohm, Annika A Multi-Wavelength Study of the RL-NLSy1 Galaxy PKS 2004-447. 
Kutkin, Alexander A detailed study of the coreshift effect in the blazar 3C454.3. 
Larionov, Valeri  Prominent outburst of the blazar CTA102 in 2012. 
Lee, Sang-Sung  Monitoring of multi-frequency polarization of gamma-ray bright AGNs. 
Lisakov, Mikhail  Multifrequency vlbi follow up study of jets in the blazars 3C273 and 3C279 after strong gamma-ray flares. 
Liu, Xiang  Formation and Collimation of jets in AGN revisit with toy models. 
Martí, Josep Searching for new gamma-ray binaries and microquasars: the case of VES 737. 
Menzler, Ulf The influence of plasma effects in pair cascades on lower limits of the IGMF. 
Morozova, Daria  Multiwavelength observations of 6 BLLac objects in 2008-2012. 
Motter, Juliana Cristina Cross-entropy: a new method to study jet kinematics. 
Mueller, Cornelia The unusual jet morphology of the hard gamma-ray source PMN J1603-4904 revealed by TANAMI. 
Murphy, Eoin Monte Carlo Studies of Transverse Faraday Rotation Profiles. 
Nakamura, Masanori Greenland Telescope (GLT) Project --- A Direct Confirmation of Black Hole with Sub-millimeter VLBI 
Petropoulou, Maria Time-dependent modelling of PKS 2155-304 at a low state: One- or two-zone emission modelling ? 
Piner, Glenn The Parsec-Scale Structure of the Fainter TeV Blazars. 
Racero, Elena Broadband Long-Term Variability of VHE Blazars: the case of Mrk421. 
Rueda Becerril, Jesús Numerical study of broadband spectra caused by internal shocks in magnetized relativistic jets of blazars. 
Sasada, Mahito 4-year optical-infrared photometric and polarimetric behaviors of a gamma-ray blazar 3C 454.3. 
Sawada-Satoh, Satoko VERA Monitoring of blazar OJ 287. 
Shahbaz, Tariq Evidence for quiescent synchrotron emission in the Halo black hole X-ray transient Swift J1357.2-0933. 
Sorcia, Marco Long term optical polarization variability of the TeV Blazar 1ES1959+650 analized within the framework of a two-component model. 
Teixeira, Danilo No Evidence For Bardeen-Petterson Alignment In Conservative GRMHD Simulation Of Moderately Thin, Tilted Accretion Disk. 
Tramacere, Andrea A panchromatic view of blazars: constraining acceleration and emission processes in relativistic jets using broadband SED fitting. 
Troitskiy, Ivan Multi-wavelength polarization observations of the gamma-ray bright quasar PKS 0420-014. 
Voytsik, Petr Apparent frequency dependence shift of ultra-compact AGN cores. 
Vuillaume, Thomas A stratified jet model for the high energy emission of AGN: influence of the anisotropic Inverse Compton effect. 
Yonetoku, Daisuke Magnetic structure in relativistic jet of Gamma-Ray Bursts by the gamma-ray polarization with IKAROS-GAP.