The Innermost Regions of Relativistic Jets and Their Magnetic Fields. Granada (Spain). June 10th-14th, 2013.

Posters presentation files

Acosta Pulido, Jose
Near infrared polarimetry of a sample of blazars.
Aller, Hugh
Circular Polarization Measurements at centimeter wavelenghts.
Araudo, Anabella Teresa Gamma-ray emission from massive stars interacting with AGN jets.
Benítez, Erika Optical Photopolarimetric Monitoring of WComae.
Beuchert, Tobias Single-Dish Polarimetry with the 100-m Effelsberg Radio Telescope -the Radio Galaxy 3c 111-.
Carnerero Martin, Maria Isabel
Optical-gamma correlation in BL Lacertae.
Coughlan, Colm Imaging VLBI polarimetry data from Active Galactic Nuclei using the Maximum Entropy Method.
Giovannini, Gabriele Exploring the bulk of the BL Lac object population: parsec scale radio properties and gamma ray emission.
Hagen-Thorn, Vladimir Optical variability of the blazar 3C 454.3 during 2007-2010.
Hough, David A Three-decade X-band VLBI Study of 3CR Lobe-dominated Quasar Nuclei. 
Kravchenko, Evgeniya Parsec scale Faraday rotation measures in 20 AGN jets.
Kreikenbohm, Annika A Multi-Wavelength Study of the RL-NLSy1 Galaxy PKS 2004-447.
Kutkin, Alexander A detailed study of the coreshift effect in the blazar 3C454.3. 
Larionov, Valeri Prominent outburst of the blazar CTA~102 in 2012.
Lisakov, Mikhail Multifrequency vlbi follow up study of a strong gamma-ray flares in the blazars 3c273 and 3c279.
Morozova, Daria Multiwavelength observations of 6 BLLac objects in 2008-2012.
Mueller, Cornelia A Very unusual gamma-ray Bright Jet: The Two Sides of PMN J1603-4904.
Murphy, Eoin Monte Carlo Studies of Transverse Faraday Rotation Profiles.
Petropoulou, Maria Time-dependent modelling of PKS 2155-304 at a low state: One- or two-zone emission modelling ?
Piner, Glenn The Parsec-Scale Structure of the Newer TeV Blazars. 
Rueda Becerril, Jesús Radiation transport in Relativistic Magnetized Fluids. Applications to Relativistic Outflows.  
Sasada, Mahito 4-year optical-infrared photometric and polarimetric behaviors of a gamma-ray blazar 3C 454.3.
Sorcia, Marco Long term optical polarization variability of the TeV Blazar 1ES1959+650 analized within the framework of a two-component model. 
Troitskiy, Ivan Multi-wavelength polarization observations of the gamma-ray bright quasar PKS 0420-014.
Vuillaume, Thomas Multi-zone modeling and anisotropic emission of AGN's jets.