The Innermost Regions of Relativistic Jets and Their Magnetic Fields. Granada (Spain). June 10th-14th, 2013.

Castro-Tirado, Alberto J.

The first  2-years in the lifetime of the newly born jet associated to Swift J1644+57.


Author list: A. J. Castro-Tirado, J. L. Gómez, I. Agudo, M. A. Guerrero, M. Bremer, J. M. Winters, J. Gorosabel, S. Guziy, M. Jelinek, J. C. Tello, R. Sánchez-Ramírez, D. Pérez-Ramírez, J. Reyes-Iturbide, I. H. Park, S. Jeong, and A. S. Pozanenko


We describe the evolution of  of Swift J1644+57, whose unique X-ray properties have led several groups to interpret its behavior as corresponding to an extraordinary event of tidal disruption of a star by a supermassive black hole in the nucleus of a (z =0.3545) galaxy, as derived by GTC. Multiwavelength observations (optical, millimetre, centimitre) in the last two years are proving to be essential to reveal the long term nature of the emission in this source. In particular, we identify for the first time the properties of a forming relativistic jet.